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My name is Julie and I feel beyond privileged to be able to share this work with those ready to receive it.  As you've likely already read, I am a Reiki Master, a psychic medium, an intuitive healer, a projector (a human design type - if you don't know yours I highly recommend looking into it!), and what I call a "Re-alignment Coach".  I found that to be the best fitting description for what I do because I might as well have a PhD in re-alignment.


As a child, I was fascinated with space and our place in the stars and was usually found either looking up at the sky or gravitating toward trees and animals.  As the youngest in a big family, I was usually surrounded by my siblings or wandering around the house trying to find the right one to bother.  Although part of a big family, I often felt lonely and displaced.  Pretty early on, I began experiencing intuitive messages that were confusing to me and dismissed by my siblings and peers (naturally).  My mother, also an intuitive projector, validated my connection with something greater but was herself without the healing or energetic knowledge to guide me.

My teenage years were turbulent and painful, as is often the case with the initiation of healers.  Through a path of self-destructive behaviors in an effort to escape pain, I became a lost and detached, believing there was no higher power and constantly seeking a semblance of deep connection and wholeness.  I lived out of alignment and feeling empty until life took matters into its own hands.

After multiple gorgeously serendipitous, divinely orchestrated U-turns, I was pushed toward meditation and yoga.  Through the practice of connecting inward, I found a sense of peace and fullness I never thought attainable.  I started studying psychology, sociology, astrology, early childhood development, and went deep into the teachings of those who had profound mental mastery - Tony Robbins, Ram Dass, Rumi, Alan Watts, and others.  Fascinated by the human brain and puzzled by the astounding connection human beings have with the motion of its planetary bodies, I questioned my concept of reality and started to shift my attention and awareness.  

 As my gifts began to return and grow, I started to repeatedly attract people who needed healing.  I found myself working as a personal assistant and seeing that my value in that job was not in my ability to keep them organized or structured - actually I was pretty terrible at that - but in my ability to mindfully guide them through their inner challenges and see the root of the overwhelm.  When helping a client find pain release, I stumbled upon a shamanic healer named Atousa Raissyan who absolutely shifted my paradigm into a new undeniable truth: that beyond the physical body and emotional/mental body, we all have an active energetic body that is just as full of our history as our mind and completely intertwined with it. Between this new wisdom coupled with deep shadow work, and the soon-after, reluctant realization that tarot holds real divine insight, I knew I had to let go of what I previously knew to be true and allow space for that which cannot be explained.

Knowing deeply that healing was my path, I was attuned to Holy Fire III Reiki and immediately saw my gifts rapidly grow and develop.  After about 6 months, I noticed I would sometimes get impressions of people connected to my client along with a message or a strong emotion that they wanted to convey.  I found a psychic medium in northern Virginia named Lisa Boslett who taught me that not only is mediumship real and absolutely beautiful, but also that I have had that ability my whole life.  She taught me to identify how I receive messages and how to interpret them, and another massive re-alignment happened.  

If you have never worked with a medium or received messages from the other side, I urge you to consider it from any medium that feels right to you.  The amount of unconditional love, joy, clarity, closure, and humanness that mediumship has shown me is something I will be forever grateful for.

Combining my more scientific view of Reiki energy healing with this new awareness of the universe's expansive embrace in our everyday lives, I knew I had to become a Reiki Master - or as my beautiful teacher Alexandra Pierre-Louis taught me while holding space for me in Paraguay, to let "Reiki Master you".

As a Reiki Master, the alignment I feel with the energy that surrounds us and connects us is beyond what I thought capable in this life.  Suffering is my constant teacher, and underneath it all is just unconditional love.  The compassion and endearment I feel towards even those who I would have felt bitterness toward in my former alignments... it has truly changed the person I am from my inner thoughts to my parenting and how I show up in my community.  I am a Holy Fire III World Peace Reiki Master and Teacher, and teach Holy Fire III Reiki in-person in Tysons Corner, Virginia and online via Zoom.  


I absolutely love what I do, and find so much wonder in each of our stories.  Every session, whether it's Reiki, Tarot, mediumship, or guidance, is a unique and incredible experience for me and I sometimes still pinch myself that this is really what I get to do in this life.

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