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Just as the Death card in Tarot, there is beauty in transformation. This beautiful, felt-lined coffin box features a snake nestled in flowers, symbolizing the beauty in shedding the old and coming back stronger and better adapted.

Inside the box you’ll find tools for facilitating your own transformation:

✨A crystal pendulum - used to show you the truth of any situation

✨A double-sided divination guide to use with your pendulum for complete messages from your guides, ancestors, the divine, and/or your higher self

✨A carved Obsidian star for protection and psychic cleansing

✨A carved Opal moon for accessing the subconscious and dreaming big

✨A Selenite wand for absorbing negativity, cutting energetic cords, and cleansing your aura

✨A perfect beginner’s Tarot deck and guide book, full of information on the meanings and correlations of each card in upright and reverse placement right on the card.

Divination box set

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