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Realignment Coaching

Take control of your life and happiness, and align with your purpose.  

What is Realignment Coaching?

Do you feel unsatisfied with your life?  Do you find yourself encountering setbacks, failing and unfulfilling relationships, and a difficulty being happy with your life as it is?

Not only do I know very well how that feels, I also know through personal experience how difficult it is to get out of that cycle on our own.  Using tools I have learned from shamans, healers and guides, as well as personal experience, I will assist you in shedding what's no longer serving you and getting rid of what's been holding you back from a purposeful, happy life.

This is not your typical life coaching.  This is an intimate emotional, spiritual, and energetic journey I will guide you through that is tailored specifically to your highest good and your soul contract in this life.

Main 3 Session types

Reiki-led trauma release

Through the deep insights of reiki sessions and intuitive readings, we will discover what needs to be released.  Using multiple energy healing methods, I will guide you in releasing layers of trapped emotions and past trauma.

Life Reconnection

Return to the ancient human connection with the elements and life on earth.  In short trips to nearby lakes, rivers, mountains, and powerful spaces, we will reconnect with the natural life forces and see the interconnectivity of all things. 

Light Work and Manifestation

Light work is connecting to the positive life energy that is intertwined with everything and aids us in receiving gifts and opportunities.  Through uplifting elemental rituals and focused intention, you will begin to manifest the life you are meant to enjoy.

What's included and How it works

We will have 2-3 sessions per month, which may include:

- Reiki treatments and energetic assessments

- Doing healing physical movement practices such as breathwork and trauma-informed yoga (tailored to your experience level)

- Life Reconnection session with energy healing integration

- Helping you cleanse or organize your space

- Grounding and protection practices

- Guidance on taking care of your body fully from nutrition to habits

- Building a connection with your body and what you feed it.

- Light Work and Manifestation Rituals



Coaching Clients also receive: 

- A free custom gift package with energy cleansing tools to use at home and extra goodies

- Weekly tarot or oracle readings

- Weekly video or audio recorded meditation

- Weekly energetic update on what's going on astrologically and any messages I receive from my guides to be shared

- An invitation to join the free Light Bloom community group where we confide in each other for answers and support and celebrate each other in our healing journeys. 

Members of the group also have access to local events and can text me when they need tools and guidance to deal with anything that may come up.                                  

Realignment lite

Don't have the time or budget for a full coaching plan?  

For a limited time, I'm offering Realignment Lite - The same coaching services but with 1 session per month.  Great for someone who is curious about the coaching but isn't sure they want to make the full investment yet.

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